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I found a mix of black, white and grey scraps that I thought looked interesting. Amongst this collection was the top layer of this earring design - white and silver - are they bubbles, pebbles is it a snake effect? I'm not sure but I liked it!


I can't currently decide on the shape for these earrings so currently you have three options  - kite, petal and pear. The more popular will go forward! All have the double layer the white & silver on top with a matching metallic silver leather on the bottom. Finished with sterling silver fisherman hook ear wires.

The leather kites have been created by hand - ruler, pencil & scissors! The pear and petals have been made with a leather cutting die, similar to a cookie cutter.

All leather used are from left overs from the fashion industry, that would usually go to landfill. I aim to use every little bit to create these beautiful and unique earrings and reduce waste in the process. You may find the odd blemish in the leather due to this.

The drop measures approximately 5.5 centimetres.

Materials used:

  • Metallic White & Silver Genuine Leather
  • Metallic Silver Genuine Leather
  • Sterling Silver Fisherman Hook Ear Wires

White & Silver Leather Earrings

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