A fabulously vibrant necklace using bright summer colour vinyl discs combined with Karen Hill Tribe silver free-formed discs.


Hailing from the villages of West Africa, these brightly coloured discs are modelled after traditional Ghanaian Coconut Beads. Also known as African Vulcanite beads because they were originally made from vulcanized rubber, now they are more commonly made from using recycled phono records cut up in a sequin-like fashion.

The solid fine silver discs are by Karen Hill Tribesmen. The silver content of these discs are around 97%, higher than those of sterling silver. Each disc has free formed edges to create texture.


I love working with vinyl disc beads. They maybe tiny and fiddly and I need to take breaks when working with them, but with the multi colour designs that I create, I love the fact that no two pieces will be the same as I don't follow a colour pattern, meaning you will always have your own unique piece. The colours in this necklace include pink, orange, yellow, dark & light blue.

The necklace is approximately 43 centimetres long with a 2 inch silver plated extension chain, taking the full length to approximately 48 centimetres.


This necklace has larger 6mm vinyl disc beads than some of my other multi colour 4mm designs.

Materials used -

  • 6mm Vinyl Disc Beads in Summer Colours
  • 4.5mm Karen Hill Tribe Silver Textured Discs
  • Silver Plated Lobster Clasp
  • Clear Beading Cord
  • 2 inch Silver Plated Extension Chain

Summer Colours Vinyl & Silver Disc Necklace