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Embrace the kitsch with these funky 'I Love You' hand sign huggie earrings.


The 'I Love You/ILY' is a sign from American Sign Language which, as a gesture, has moved into the mainstream. The sign originated among deaf schoolchildren using sign language to create a sign from the combination of the letters I, L, and Y (I Love You).


A similar-looking and often mistaken for, is the thumb toward the palm rather than thumb extended, hand sign. This is the 'horns/rock' hand-sign which appears in heavy metal music culture.


Both the hand sign and the huggie hoops are rhodium plate over brass.


The hoops measure 12mm in diameter and the hand sign is 14 x 10mm in size.


Materials used:

  • Rhodium Plated Hand Sign Charms
  • Rhodium Plated Huggie Hoops


Rhodium plated means jewellery made from a base metal of gold, silver, or other alloy that is coated in a thin layer of rhodium for extra strength and lustre. Jewellery plated in rhodium is shinier and more durable than other metals.

‘I Love You’ Huggie Earrings

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