**Currently out of stock but I will be making some more, approximately 3 week wait, please bear with me**


Inspired by my husband and his favourite shark. I found this shark clasp in Greece and made him a leather bracelet.


After posting a picture on social media it was a hit amongst friends and I decided to turn it into a permanent piece.


I have brown or pink leather available to go with the shark.


The leather is designed to go round the wrist three times. I leave one knotted loop loose (the loop the head goes through) for you to adjust to your perfect fit around your wrist and then pull the knot tight. Do cut off any excess leather.


Materials used:

  • Sterling Silver Plated Zamak Hammerhead Shark (size 42mm)
  • Brown or Pink Leather Cord.


Once out of stock this wrap bracelet is available on a pre order. I will custom make this bracelet to order, therefore there will be a small delay on usual dispatch times (1-2weeks rather than 1-2 days).

Hammerhead Shark Leather Wrap Bracelet