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Colour Me Happy!


Colourful chains by Kriskadecor wrapped in contrasting or similar lengths of faux suede to make an eye catching and funky bracelet.


The bracelet length is 18.5cms and the width of the bracelet is approximately 1cm.


I discovered Kriskadecor via my husband's architectural design business and thought their chains could make great jewellery pieces. The chains are aluminium links, a light and versatile material, which are then anodised in a wonderful array of colours. I have chosen Turquoise, Emerald and Pink to start with.


Materials used:

  • 1cmx1.5cm Kriskadecor Snina Chain
  • 3mm Faux Suede Ribbon
  • Silver Plated Lobster Clasp

Colour Popping Chain Bracelet

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