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These mystical Palmistry Hamsa Hand hoop earrings are a fab addition to your jewellery collection.


These charms are laser cut in raw brass with an all seeing eye, hearts and other celestial designs.


The hands measure approximately 18.5 x 30mm and the hoops are approximately 13 x 15mm.


Hoops are easy to use, just click them into place and you’re good to go! 

Materials used:

  •     Raw Brass Palmistry Hamsa Hand Charm (nickel & lead free)
  •     Gold Plated Hoop Leverback Earrings

*Brass jewellery is resistant to corrosion, so it does not rust, but like gold plating it can tarnish. The reason for the tarnish is that brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, which will naturally tarnish when exposed to oxygen. Oils from your skin in addition to oxygen in the air accelerate tarnishing on your brass jewellery. Some people actually like the look of tarnished brass and it can also serve as a protective layer. However, by keeping your jewellery clean you can be rid of the tarnish*

Palmistry Hamsa Hand Hoop Earrings

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