What fabulous colours! So bright! Perfect for the sunshine.

These necklaces are made with creamy white freshwater pearls interspersed with bright preciosa beads and bright polymer clay disc beads, finished with a lobster clasp, easy to take on and off.

This necklace has several blues, teal, pink and a dash of yellow beads and discs. The polymer clay side of the necklace are put on in any random order, they are so fiddly that I would be driven made if I created a pattern! So your necklace will have the colours pictured but not necessarily in the same order.

Each necklace is approximately 40 centimetres long (15 inches) with a 2 inch gold plated extension chain, taking the full length to approximately 44 centimetres (17 inches).

Materials used -

  • 6mm Polymer Clay Disc Beads
  • 7mm Freshwater Pearls
  • 3mm Preciosa Beads
  • Gold Plated Lobster Class
  • Clear Beading Cord
  • 2 inch Gold Plated Extension Chain


Freshwater Pearls & Bright Heishi Bead Blues Necklace