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7th October 2020 - It’s that time of year again! Conkers conkers everywhere Anyone else still get a little thrill from finding a good conker in its prickly case? We’ve got a bumper crop of conkers this year and the boys have been pretty good at picking them up with some £ persuasion!! If only there was some use to conkers? No they don’t stop spiders or moths in your house Pictured along side the conkers is my Karen Hill Tribe Silver Twist pendant and bright tassel necklace. I love the colour of this tassel as it all depends on the light...is it red, is it pink, is it orange? Only three of these available and then this style is gone for good I sadly can no longer get hold of this colour thread. This necklace qualifies for free UK postage too, visit the shop now button or drop me a DM.

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